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Cross Ties

At Missouri Tie, cross ties make up over 90% of our business.  Our standard sizes and grade of ties are:

  • 6”x8”x8’6” Industrial Grade
  • 6”x8”x8’6” Arema Grade 3
  • 7”x9”x8’6” Arema Industrial Grade
  • 7”x8”x8’6” Arema Grade 4
  • 7”x9”x8’6” Arema Grade 5

We try to keep at least 1,000 pieces of each size in stock for emergencies.  Most are 100% end-plated, and almost all are oak and mixed hardwoods.  We do have access to southern yellow pine cross ties as well.

Switch Ties

We also handle switch ties, all in 7” x 9” dimensions.  These are oak and mixed hardwoods, and come in varying lengths.  The lengths that we produce range from 9’ to 17’ long.

Bridge Ties

Bridge timbers can be either hardwood or softwood timbers.  The softwood species is southern yellow pine, and the hardwood species is oak and mixed hardwoods.

Bridge timbers come in a variety of lengths and sizes, along with a variety of specifications.  We can produce and treat timbers from 8” x 8” all the way to 16” x 16”, but varying lengths.

We have the capability to size, or plane, the timbers as well.  This can all be done in-house.  We also have relationships where we can taper timbers, pre-bore timbers, dap timbers, etc.

Full Depth Timber Crossing

Full depth timber crossing panels are commonly used in railroad crossings.  These are specially fabricated timbers that layover the rail and ties to let passenger vehicles cross.

These timbers require very detailed cuts, notching, beveling, and other manufacturing.  Missouri Tie has the capability to produce crossing per BNSF and UPRR Specification.

I think Missouri Tie makes the best ties in the U.S. Super easy to work with, fast response time, very good respectable guys there. I wouldn't buy a new tie from anywhere else unless it was free.

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