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At Missouri Tie, our entire team shares a deeply rooted passion and commitment to producing quality products. From choosing the best trees and logs all the way through to our carefully honed treatment system, we take pride in every aspect of the process. Rest assured, when you buy from Missouri Tie, you’re getting nothing short of the best.


In addition to the 600 acres of company-owned forest around the Missouri Tie facility, we also purchase high quality timber from local logging operations to supply the necessary logs for our sawmill operations. Our main focus is to ultimately get a tie out of a log.

In that process, we also produce other lumber products that are sold in the open market. These include:

  • Hardwood flooring lumber
  • Pallet lumber
  • Slab wood for charcoal


Our two sawmills are located at the same facility as the treating plant, which keeps our costs low. Our sawmills also provide the sawdust to our treating operation. Our treating operation is fired by a wood burning boiler system. This system provides the necessary heat and steam for treating. From end to end, the amount of waste from wood is an absolute minimum, and the process is very efficient.


Most railroads prefer an air seasoned cross tie. Depending on temperature, moisture, and other conditions, a cross tie requires 7 to 12 months to properly air season. This air seasoning gets the tie to the proper moisture content, allowing for creosote penetration into the wood. The seasoning of the ties can be done prior to processing, or after processing. At Missouri Tie, we use the German Stacking method of seasoning, as seen in this photo.


The first step in processing is end-trimming the tie to length. This is typically 8’6” or 9’ long. Once trimmed, the tie is graded per customer standards, most typically Arema Standards. The tie is then incised on all 4 sides, and then passes through the end-plating machine. Some customers require 100% end-plates, and some require selective end-plates. The tie is then packaged for the treatment cylinder and ready for creosote treatment.


Missouri Tie takes great pride in our treating operation. We have two, 125-foot long cylinders, both 6 feet in diameter. These are pressure vessels for treating the wood with creosote. The ties are trammed in the cylinders, filled with creosote, sterilized at high temperatures, and then pressed to ensure proper retention and penetration of creosote. A standard industry retention is 7lbs per cubic foot of creosote solution. The treating plant uses a wood fired boiler system for its steam and heat needs.

Borate Treating

Missouri Tie is now offering Borate Dual Treated Cross Ties. These ties will be Borate treated via the “two-step” treatment process using Nisus Cellu-Treat, via dip system prior to air seasoning. After, the Borate treated ties have been air seasoned they are treated with creosote solution. 


The “two-step” borate process has shown to stop decay before it starts. This process eliminates air seasoning decay, which provide strength and longevity to the tie. Some of benefits to dual treatment are as follows:

  • Eliminates decay/stack burn during air seasoning
  • Improves treatment and performance of creosote ties
  • Allows for creosote retention reduction
  • Eliminates corrosion-induced spike kill
  • Helps prevent termite infestation (including Formosan) and termite movement in ties when shipped
  • Borates are exempt from treated wood burn requirements

Shipping by Truck

Missouri Tie handles all aspects of getting our treated products to our customers. We ensure that each shipment is delivered in a timely and safe manner. Our trucking is outsourced by our shipping department, and they make sure the carriers chosen understand our customer’s needs. We can truck material anywhere in the US or Canada.

Shipping by Rail

Missouri Tie also ships via railcars to anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico. We can ship on a variety of railroads, including UP, BN, CN, CP, CSX, and NS and we ship in flatcars or gondolas, depending on the customer needs.

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