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About Us

Missouri Tie is one of the nation's leading producers of creosote-treated railroad products. Get to know us a little better and you'll see why.

The Process

Our number one priority is producing high quality products in the most cost effective ways possible. Our system cuts costs and improves quality.

Our Products

Although Cross Ties make up 90% of our business, we also offer hardwood flooring lumber, pallet lumber, slab wood for charcoal, and so much more.

Our goals

Safe Work Environment. Reliable Production.

At Missouri Tie, our team takes every measure possible to operate a clean, safe work environment, while keeping production at a level to meet demand. With Missouri Tie, you can rest assured that you're in good hands.


Our Partners, Clients,
and Affiliations

Missouri Tie is proud to serve a wide range of customers, some ordering one truck a year, and other thousands. We also participate in many railroad-related organizations which we feel are imperative for our industry.


Investing in the Future.
Investing in Success.

Our Facility

Missouri Tie has made large capital investments that have provided the necessary tools to increase production and meet demand.

Investment Overview

Ability to Meet Industry Quality Standards

Greatly Improved Processing Equipment

Treating Facility Upgrades

Improved Production Efficiency & Consistency

Conveniently located on over 600 acres of land in the beautiful Ozarks

We have easy access to some of the best hardwood and softwood timber in the country.

Our Products

Rail Ties, Hardwood Flooring, Pallet Lumber, and More

Our up-to-date facility allows us to produce several high quality product lines and our process cuts costs by keeping wood waste to the an absolute minimum. We save. You save. It's that simple.

Treated Ties & Timber Crossings

Hardwood Flooring Lumber

High Quality Pallet Lumber

Slab Wood for Charcoal

I think Missouri Tie makes the best ties in the U.S. Super easy to work with, fast response time, very good respectable guys there. I wouldn't buy a new tie from anywhere else unless it was free.

Railroad Supplier

John Holling

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Feel free to reach out to us via phone, email, or via our contact form. Either way, we’ll be glad to hear from you.